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UMB VESA combo Rev C

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Image of UMB VESA combo Rev C
  • Image of UMB VESA combo Rev C

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Universal monitor bracket Rev. C

This includes both 100X100 and 200X100 bracket.

This monitor bracket lets you replace your Vewlix stock monitor.


All Vewlix are compatible except for diamond black. This one has not been confirmed, yet.

A corner bracket set is required to purchase on some monitors. If you have a TA32H07 (picture shown) and MT3232A2 (picture not shown, for VS), please purchase a corner bracket set.

List of confirmed monitors: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1tAbum3jjvDI6xT9_pCTMCtqvnhBznnPt3eVDqOIFPHM/edit#gid=1781619072

What monitor to use:
I tried my best to design a bracket to accommodate any monitor. You're good to use any monitor but please contact me first. I would be happy to work with you.

Manual (more to come):

Installation video:

Skill level required:
Beginner - Moderate level with lots of lots of patients.

Required tools:
A screwdriver - any screwdriver that fits is ok
Electrical Drill
Drill bit

Drill tap bit - See listing for purchasing

Discount code:

BUY2GET10OFF - Buy 2 get 10% OFF

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