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What makes you distinguish from other importers?

I directly import cabinets and refurbish it myself. I was at a situation where I wanted a cabinet but didn't know where to look nor wasn't sure if seller knew what he was doing. 

I'm a gamer who misses the golden age of arcade era not a seller who's trying to make a buck by importing without a passion to arcade. 

Why is it taking so long?

Please understand this is a side job for me. I can only allocate limited time per day. I'll try my best to provide updates regularly.

Do you sell cabinets other than Vewlix?

No, I only sell Vewlix.

Why should I buy a Vewlix where I can buy a replica (Chewlix)?

Chinese manufacturers used cheaper material to save cost. It looks good on photos but once you play it, it becomes very obvious. 

  • Chewlix: Topperware arcade stick - flimsy
  • Vewlix: Pro grade arcade stick - very sturdy

Why is price different despite it's a same Vewlix model?

Cabinets come in various conditions. I cannot cherry pick every cabinet when I import. This is why I process and grade the cabinets and offer discount if:

  • White plastic part is severely oxidized
  • Control panel is not a Vewlix panel
  • Major ding on side or front of the cabinet body
  • Audio amp is not included

And many more reasons. 

What's is the difference in Vewlix models?

In a nutshell, they're pretty much the same other than minor gimmicks. Diamond and diamond black were manufactured later where it uses a full HD LCD panel. Vewlix F, FC and L have 720P LCD panels. 

So old vewlix models are garbage? 

Not necessary. I've designed a bracket that will let you install pretty much almost every LCD monitor on your Vewlix. This can be full HD monitor to 4K monitor with G-Sync or FreeSync. My custom bracket will make repair very easy down the road. 

But my friend from the internet said this Vewlix should have this part  

The comparison chart floating on the internet is only useful to know the factory default part. It doesn't serve any purpose for used cabinets since parts are stripped when cabinets are sold to dealers in Japan. 

In another word, NO JVS I/O is included.



The only part that will go bad is the monitor. This is out of my quality control. You’ll have to take out the monitor from the cabinet and submit a RMA to the monitor manufacturer.

Can I hook up PS4 Xbox one and etc?

Yes, You'll have to purchase a Brook UNIVERSAL FIGHTING BOARD. 

Here is the list:

  • Xbox One
  • Xbox 360
  • PS4
  • PS3
  • Wii U 
  • PC
  • Switch
  • NEOGEO mini
  • PS Classic
  • MD mini